Message From Bishop Thomas Tobin, DD

Diocese of Providence handout to faithful for Public Mass








A spiritual communion is not the actual physical reception of the Eucharistic Host which we do so when we approach the Communion Rail at Holy Mass. A spiritual communion is a devotion that we can perform on our own whether we are at Mass and not receiving the Eucharist sacramentally or if we are anywhere else. We may make an Act of Spiritual Communion while watching a broadcast of the Mass on the Internet or even in our morning or evening prayers.

As His Holiness Pope Pius XII wrote in Mediator Dei, we may make this pious devotion in any place and at any time so long as we do so with “renewed faith, reverence, humility and in complete trust in the goodness of the divine Redeemer,” and so long as we are “united to Him in the spirit of the most ardent charity.” As a result, through a spiritual communion, we embrace Our Lord as if we receive Him sacramentally.  Only those in the state of grace should make an Act of Spiritual Communion.

Requirements for an Act of Spiritual Communion-

The  enumerated four requirements as set down by the Church for those who wish to make a profitable Act of Spiritual Communion:

1st – Repentance

2nd – Firm belief that Christ died for them.

3rd – Remembrance of the benefits coming from Christ’s Sacrifice

4th – Thankfulness

As a result, to make a truly profitable Act of Spiritual Communion, we must prepare for this Act, say an Act of Spiritual Communion, and then speak to Our Lord with the same spirit as if we had just received Him at Holy Mass. An Act of Spiritual Communion should not be treated as just one of our many daily prayers. It must be treated as an altogether unique prayer just as Holy Communion is the most august of all Sacraments!